Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Dinner Specials @ Darlo starting today

I for one like to live my life like a leaf in the wind. Letting the gust of winds take me on a journey and whereever I land is an adventure in itself.

For those creatures of habit who like to know what's on and when, we have decided to make you weekly dinner specials. This way you will know what to except on each night and what to get super excited about each week.

Here is a run down of what to expect:

Mondays : Hearty Stew Mondays - think Hulk Hogan meets a female Chuck Norris and they have a baby. Bam! That's Hearty Stew Mondays. The dish changed weekly and promises to be mighty delicious. Only $16.

Tuesday : Pie and Pint Night - We wanted a night that had everything that Aussies take pride in and love so we decided to put Australia's favourite food (well it's my favourite food anyway) with Australia's favourite beer, Stone and Wood Pacific Ale (voted number 1 beer in the 2011 Critics Choice book). All this amazing Aussie goodness for $18. Oh yeah!

Wednesday : Sausage & Mash night (S&M) - Have you ever found yourself wandering the streets of Sydney and thinking 'Man I wish there was a venue that offered me the choice of 3 different types of sausages with the choice of 3 different types of mash potato'? Well, we heard you loud and clear so we made up the choice of bratwurst, Moroccan spiced or lamb & rosemary sausages combined with your choice of potato, parsnip or sweet potato and some seasonal veggies smothered in gravy (drool!). Get your S&M on for just $18.

Thursday : Toe Tapping Tapas at the Taphouse on Thursdays. Find that hard to say. Well $10 mixed Tapas boards will be easy to swallow as you sit back and listen to the smooth jazz tunes of the Jess Beck Quartet. Tapas, Jazz and great beer, sounds like a date to me!

Sunday Roast : Due to recent success of the Host A Roast functions, we decided to continue this for the general punters as well and offer an a la carte roast with the choice of scrumptious beef or delightful lamb. $24 will get you this amazing roast. Now for those who have already been here on Sunday the last few weeks, yes we know we have been doing it already but we thought we should let everyone else know of our little secret. Get in early to avoid disappointment of running out (remember that the last roast on the day goes to me).

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