Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Biggest SpecTAPular yet to launch Good Beer Week in Melbourne 2012

The press release has long since been sent out to the world to announce the return of Melbourne's Good Beer Week in 2012.

Better yet, GBW will be launched on Saturday May 12 with easily our biggest SpecTAPular beerfest yet and the first to be held offsite, in the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building no less. Hopefully, the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) will become one of the great annual Australian beer festivals.

GABS in Melbourne will feature about 60 of the best Australian and New Zealand brewers brewing a unique beer just for the event. None will have been available anywhere prior to the event. There will also be a traditional cask bar along with food and entertainment. Think of it as a classier, educational, craft beer version of the traditional Oktoberfest. Dickheads certainly won't be tolerated!

GABS in Darlo will, at this stage, take place the following Saturday with a selection of 20 of the Taphouse's GABS favourites so those who can't make it to Melbourne for GABS can share in the spoils.

I'd be booking my flights to Melbourne now if I were you. Just don't book with Tiger.


  1. Anybody know when in Feb the tix go on sale!

  2. Very soon Matt. We will announce it here..

  3. The need to acquire those tix is all consuming, I've got 5 people locked in. Bring on GABS!!!

  4. Keep an eye on the blog tonight or tomorrow for announcement. We are offering a 48 hour presale offer to our customers.

  5. Watching,watching,watching- my eyes starting to hurt! :)

  6. Presale offer for 48 hours only from this Tuesday