Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Darlo Brewshare on Belgian Ales - belated report!

The Winter months are here and Belgian ales were the challenge for our dedicated home brewers. In the weeks leading up to BrewShare in Darlo we had some keen interest from home brewers and while there was a strong roll up of 31 people, a reduced total of 14 beers were entered for the BrewShare event.

Stories flowed thick and fast on the night about the latest trials and tribulations, including “supposed to be a strong Ale (9-10%), but we didn't get the conversion in the mash..... not sure why........ Anyway it's Belgian and tastes great!”

Teams were separated into 4 groups each with 4 beers with some interesting names for the beers “Mother of Coco “and “Jabberwocky” and some interesting recipes (racked onto fresh vanilla beans, toasted coconut & American oak after fermentation).

The call was "let the tasting begin".

Jordan helped cast the final votes with Dave and, in what can only be described as a photo finish, Doc won a $100 gift voucher from our illustrious event sponsor Dave from Dave's Homebrew. A big thanks for your continued support Dave (you are a champion).

The next BrewShare will be held on Tuesday August 16th with the vote for chosen beer style as “Anything Black”. $10 will get you a ticket and you can book on our website's Event Diary.

To learn how BrewShare's generally work, click here.

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