Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Darlo Taphouse a finalist again at Australian Bar Awards

The Darlo Taphouse has been listed as a Best Specialty Beer Venue finalist at the 2011 Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards! We've been lucky to win the past two years but the growing number of fantastic beer venues around the country makes a third award a tough ask. To prove the point, the St Kilda Taphouse and the Wheatsheaf in Adelaide weren't even listed as finalists this year.

These are the finalists (and congrats to all):

• The Local Taphouse (Sydney)
• Biero (Melbourne)
• Josie Bones (Melbourne)
• 4 Pines (Sydney)
• Archive (Brisbane)
• Redoak (Sydney)
• Cookie (Melbourne)

The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on Sept 14 in Sydney.

Thanks for all who voted for both venues.


  1. Coincidentally, first three you've listed are my top three (in no particular order). Good luck guys!