Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Barleys Angels in Darlo and St Kilda

Angels Are Drinking It for Themselves

Fabulous female beer advocates across the globe have launched their own special brand of justice for the craft beer world through the launch of Barley's Angels

The Primary Mission...

From Australia to the UK, Canada to the USA and even as far afield as Argentina some of the world’s leading female beer experts have decided it’s time to combat unjust beer myths and shine a ray of sophistication onto beer’s blokey image, to get women all over the globe enjoying incredible brews.

These acclaimed experts will be unmasking the myths that may hold their fellow females back from the truth of craft beer, helping them to joyfully discover the often surprising flavours found in these artisan products, whilst beating down the doors of beer prejudice wherever they find them.

Our own Barleys Angels arch-angel is Kirrily ‘Beer Diva’ Waldhorn. Kirrily has launched Barleys Angels in both Melbourne and Sydney with a fantastic response in both states. These regular events will run bi-monthly in both Sydney and Melbourne, and will predominantly held at The Local Taphouse in both states (brewery tours etc will also be organised for Barleys Angels participants).

Dates for these events are:

Sydney - 4th Tuesday of the month (commencing 26th July 2011), starting at 7:00pm

Melbourne - 1st Tue of the month (commencing 2nd August 2011), starting at 7:00pm (hosted by Melbourne’s Angel - Angela Connell)

Cost: $25.00 per person (includes 4-5 tastings & canap├ęs)

To book click here and head to the events page.


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