Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mikkeller Tap Takeover date set for August 23rd

Not only do we have the Mountain Goat Tap Makeover happening this Sat (St Kilda only) from noon, we can now confirm the Mikkeller Tap Takeover of all 100 taps in both venues will take place from noon on Tuesday August 23rd.

We have only 30 litres of some of the bigger beers so the full Takeover of 20 beers may only last a night before we start draining the kegs. Needless to say you'd want to drop in on the Tuesday if you want to try them all.

Tasting paddles will be available although you won't be allowed to more than one of the same beer on the same paddle.


  1. Why is the tap take over on a Tuesday?

    Some of us who live way out in the suburbs will be unable to get there.

    Sat or Sun would be much better

  2. Hey Anon, changing all 20 taps in all bars at the same time in both venues is a very big job so doing it early in the week when the venues are a little quieter is definitely our preference. The fact that the Feral Takeover was such a success on a Tuesday also influenced our decision.

    Thanks for the feedback though.

  3. Well me and my friends are taking the day off work to come on Tuesday... definitely would of preferred a weekend, but you know should be fun.