Sunday, August 14, 2011

A homecoming for ex Ale Star Tsar

Long time Taphouse friend and former Darlo Ale Star Tsar (aka host), Andrew Gow (aka AG), will be a guest at the November 15th St Kilda Ale Star session focussing on the Mornington Peninsula Brewery. As part of the Love a Local month, we will also tap a MPB Showcase on the same day and run it until the beer runs out. At least 7 MPB beers will rotate through 3 taps including the Pale, Wit, Brown, Porter, IPA, Imperial IPA, Marzen and possibly the Hefe and/or Sorachi Kolsch.

AG will do it all again at the December 6th Ale Star session in Darlo, also to coincide with a MPB Showcase to be tapped that night.

Events to mark in your diary for sure!

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  1. The AG ale star trip to Wollongong was the best ale star event ever.