Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals to be screened @ Darlo

MANLY MANLY MANLY MANLY!!!!.....Lets hear that once more. MANLY MANLY MANLY MANLY!!!!!!

Now I know all of you were as happy as I was to see Manly win again. Happy Days in my part of town. Now it's time for the Rugby World Cup Finals. This weekend we have the Quarter Finals showing on Saturday and Sunday up here in Darlo. Here is the screening times:

October Saturday 8th : 4pm Ireland Vs Wales
6:30pm England Vs France

Saturday 8th is also Oktoberfest. Footy and German Style Beers OHHHH YEAH!!!!

October Sunday 9th : 4pm South Africa Vs Australia
6:30pm New Zealand Vs Argentina

Once again we will post who is playing in the finals and what times once we find out who is in (GO AUSTRALIA!!)

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