Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GABS 2012 presale tickets now on sale until midnight tomorrow night only.

Ticketmaster has started pre-selling tickets to GABS 2012 this morning (a little later than 9am sadly).

They are still trying to fix a few things. The first thing that hasn't been explained is what you get with the VIP ticket. Well here you go:

  • VIP entry queue
  • Private VIP area and bar
  • Souvenir GABS glass
  • Complimentary finger food and soft drink
  • $20 worth of tokens to purchase beer, cider and wine
  • Opportunity to mingle with invited GABS brewers and guests
Designated Driver tickets include a souvenir glass but you cannot purchase or consume any alcohol with this ticket.

And yes the GA ticket includes a 370ml handled souvenir beer glass!

More updates will be posted here for now..

Book your ticket here.


  1. No Multi session tickets availiable?

    Also any thoughts on doing a discounted ticket that doesn't include the glass?

  2. Multi session tickets couldn't get up in time but will be up in time for the general public sale from Thursday morning. They are already discounted so the presale discount wouldn't have applied to those anyway.

    1. Thanks Steve, Any idea what the cost of a two session adult ticket would be?

      i.e. Is the cost of a general public multisession ticket less than buying the two sessions seperately with the presale discount.

      I ask becuase 60 beers in 4 hrs (even tasting sizes) seems like a lot. 60 beers in 8 hours still seems like a lot, but slightly more manageable.

    2. 2oz pours are enough?February 22, 2012 at 9:32 AM

      It doesn't mean you have to tick all 60, it isn't a contest or challenge

  3. Yet to be finally finalised (!) but probably $70 for 2 sessions and $100 for 3 sessions. I think it's essentially the same as the presale deal as obviously booking fee etc need to be taken into account..

  4. What does the GA include, any $ amount of beer tokens?
    Or is VIP the only one with $ beer tokens included?

  5. Trying to buy pre-sale VIP tix for Fri 6:30 session.
    Ticketmaster has been reporting none available since I logged in at 10am this morning. Are they sold out already?

    1. Hey Pete,

      They are there. Go to Local Taphouse Presale - Full Price Adult - the higher price is the discounted VIP ticket ($79.20)

      Let me know if you have any other probs!

  6. What exactly is included in the general admission except for the glass? Do you get to do free tastings of all the beers or is there a limit?

    1. The ticket gets you a 370ml souvenir glass and an Official Guide. Beer and food is on top of that. A Tasting Paddle of 5 x 80ml tasters is $10 and a fill of your glass will depend on the beer.

  7. I hope it's a success but I can't see why I'd pay $40 for a glass and the chance
    to buy tastes at $22 per liter!