Friday, February 17, 2012

Taphouse Boss caught out in Daiquiri Scandal!

Steve Jeffares, the CEO and owner of The Local Taphouse was caught out last month with not a beer, but a Strawberry Daiquiri in hand. Sources say they saw the beverage mogul drinking with associates at Opera Bar, a Sydney bar notoriously known for it's poncy cocktails and pantywaisted individuals, when to their utter shock they noticed he was sipping from a straw in what witnesses called a 'saphic' fashion.

Mr Jeffares has been infamously known to never stray from the barley tipple and this is proof that once you stray from Melbourne, you step out of your chinos and into a rainbow skirt.

Guy Greenstone, his business partner, was unavailable for comment but an insider source known only as "Elroy" stated that he too was enjoying a non-wheaty brew and indulging in a Margarita, but this cannot be denied or confirmed.

More news as it comes to hand.


  1. As Hinchy would say... "shame, shame, shame"
    How could you Jeffares?... you used to be cool man

  2. Steve was just cleansing his palate before his next brew.......hehe.

  3. What's next?

    Great Australasian Daiquiri Spectapular