Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St Kilda Ale Stars in March is Madness with Mikkel AND Moa!

You lucky people are in for a treat! March means Ale Star madness

First we have a special Ale Stars for you with the one and only Mikkel of Mikkeller Brewing! Come along and taste some amazing beers and listen to the man who founded one of the most out there breweries in the world. Its on Thursday, March 8th and is sure to be a cracker.Click here to book.

Then, in the regular timeslot of Tuesday, March 20th, we have Josh Scott from Moa Brewing in New Zealand here as we taste a selection of his beers. Click here to book for this one.

I told you March meant madness...

See you there!


  1. Hey guys

    do ale star members need to book for this one?


    1. hey gem. I'll be sending out an RSVP email as usual for this shortly. cheers, Justin