Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Awesome Italian beers just landed ... in venues next week!

For the first time ever in Australia, the cream of the Italian craft beer crop has just landed.

Beers from Birra del Borgo (including a collaboration with US cult brewery Dogfish Head), Brew Fist, Croce di Malto and San Paolo Birrifico are on their way to Darlo, St Kilda and the BottleStore & Provisions. More than a dozen different styles will be available in bottles, growlers and squealers from next week.

And this is merely a taste of what we'll have on offer in July for the Italian SpecTAPular in both Darlo and St Kilda,where we'll have 20 Italian beers on tap - 17 of which will never have been seen in Australia before.


The Local Crew


  1. Replies
    1. Just in bottles this week. But yep, it will be on tap at the SpecTAPular in July

  2. Great to hear that!
    Simone Monetti
    Unionbirrai (Italian Microbreweries Association)