Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Beer Week - Brewers & Chewers is back!!

The undisputed highlight of last year's Good Beer Week, Brewers & Chewers returns this year with an amazing lineup of guests from around the world and our own backyard.

Hosted by the inimitable Professor Pilsner, here's how the night works:

We start with an intro to the guests and then seat them one at each table. The guest has a chat about all things beer, brewing and generally just having fun, with those at the table and then, after 15 minutes or so, a bell rings and a waiter escorts the guests from one table to the next. They then have a chat with that table, the bell rings, they move on, etc. This is repeated until each guest has been seated at each table.

Its sort of a meet the brewer session, beer and food dinner, and a speed dating session all rolled into one!

This year's amazing guest list is as follows:

Brendan Moylan (Moylans, USA)
Kjetil Jikiun (Nogne O, Norway)
Stu McKinlay (Yeastie Boys, New Zealand)
Shawn Sherlock (Murrays, NSW)
Steve Grossman (Sierra Nevada, USA)
Owen Johnston (Moo Brew, TAS)
Sam Fuss (True South, VIC)

Tickets are $85 and it all kicks off at 7pm on Wednesday, May 16th.

This event is well on the way to selling out already so get in early and book your spot by clicking here now!

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