Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Darlo Ale Stars welcomes special guest Ketjil of Nøgne ø

Hello Alestars, Well it certainly was a great turn out for our April Alestars which was, for a change, hosted in our Louvre room.

Everyone embraced the sour surprise with open arms and what usually is a calm relaxed restaurant atmosphere soon became an electric and engaging floor of debate and thoughts.

Our next Alestars is expected to be a little larger than usual so we will be hosted in the main bar from 7.

Most of you already know that due GABS and GBW we have moved the May Alestars to this coming Sunday 20th May. The reason for this is to bring you a very special guests indeed. From Nøgne ø, Norway we are very excited to have Kjetil Jikiun here in The Local Taphouse Darlinghurst to tell us his amazing story. In true Ale Star fashion we will obviously be tasting some fantastic brews and munching some marvelous food. 

Remember to book here for this special Ale Star event.

Hope to see you all here!


  1. Dom, is the GABS still happening in Darlo this Saturday?

  2. Guess it's off to Murray's then..

  3. Any hints on the beer line up?