Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sours a hit for St Kilda April Ale Stars

Our April Ale Stars session saw us sampling the delights of sour ales, for which we were lucky to have the company of Karl Van Buuren of Moon Dog Brewing.

The tasting started off with Karl's own 'Melon Gibson', a Berliner Weisse and part of the legendary 'mullet series'. 'Melon Gibson' has a dry and crisp palate with a mild lactic sourness and a big whack of watermelon, very refreshing and a great starter.

Next in line was the Lindemans Gueuze from Belgium off the tap, light bodied but complex with a slightly intense sourness. This was followed by the Boon Kriek, a 100% spontaneously fermented ale with up to 300 grams of cherries per litre. The resulting beer is a bright pink/red with a subtle tartness and lots of fizz that carries the cherry flavour nicely.

The last beer for the eveing was the HaandBryggeriet Oude Bruine Vintage 2006. It was bottled in March 2008 after being aged in oak barrels since September 2006 and was the first sour beer brewed using wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria in Norway in over 100 years! A special moment for HaandBryggeriet. This beer has a great depth of flavour, amazing nose, great mouth feel; pretty much everything you could possibly want out of an oak-aged sour brown ale, lip-puckeringly good!

A big thanks to Karl for coming and sharing his knowledge, ideas and beers with us and to Shandy for all his hard work as usual.

Check out some more pics from the night here.

See you at the next one - Good Beer Week Ale Stars special with Kjetil Jikiun of Nogne O! You don't want to miss that one!

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