Monday, June 4, 2012

Neighbours shoot some scenes at Local Laughs in St Kilda

Nieghbours actor James Mason.
Sam Simmons is filming a behind-the-scenes doco on Neighbours so last Monday at Local Laughs the audience were very happy to join in on some filming where actor James Mason (who plays Chris Pappas - the first recurring character on Neighbours who is openly gay) heckled Sam. "If you think it's so easy why don't YOU try it??" said Sam, taunting James until he took to the stage and delivered a few punchlines to rapturous laughter and cheers. Then when Sam tried heckling James we all booed him. Great fun.

Cold weather the last two weeks has seen audiences hibernating at little but tonight's lineup warrants braving the crappy weather and coming down to see Jimmy James Eaton (HILARIOUS), Gatesy from Tripod doing solo standup, Anne Edmonds (banjo playing dag), UK's Neil Sinclair and very funny newcomer Fabian Lapham.

June 11 - LOCAL LAUGHS 9th BIRTHDAY! (Can you believe it?) Huge lineup - MC Dave Callan, Justin Hamilton, Lawrence Leung, Elbowskin, Luke McGregor, Dingo & Wolf, Geraldine Hickey

Neighbours actor James Mason, Sam Simmons and camera guy..

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