Friday, June 1, 2012

'Single Hop' BrewShare report from Darlo

Alex Mesker

 Tuesday 22nd May brought with it the latest installment of the Darlo BrewShare for homebrewers. With the theme 'Single Hop', Sydney's home brewing community gathered in the restaurant level to share and showcase their latest creations. Ever astounded by the standard on show, I had awaited this evening with both excitement and anticipation. Notable standouts included an oak-infused Sarachi hop kellerbier, Imperial licorice stout and too many more inspired creations to mention.

There can only be one 'Best in Show' however and this time it went to serial offender Alex Mesker. One whiff of his 'Victoria's Secret Imperial IPA' had us whisked off to an exotic, tropical dreamland a la Blue Lagoon. With neither Brooke Shields or Christopher Atkins anywhere in sight, Dave (of Dave's Homebrew) and myself had no hesitation in awarding this captivating drop the gold award and the $100 voucher to Dave's store.

It was decided that the next BrewShare will be themed 'bottom fermented beers' (see poster above). Looking forward to sampling the top fermented magic on August 21st.  Lock it in your diaries now!


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