Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sydney's Ale Stars went to Red Hill

What a blast it was to see the restaurant level bustling for this months installment of "Ale Stars".
It was of course for good reason this month my friends, we had some very special guests.
If you've not heard of the Red Hill Brewery, it may be because their brews have been rather elusive up here in Sydney.
We've been fans since way back when and are very excited to announce that Red Hill will now have solid distribution to Sydney.
This fact played no small part in our decision to invite Dave and Karen Golding to host the event and share a little insight on the brewery they founded in 2004.
Starting with they're flagship Pilsner, fresh off draught. A new world style pils, unfiltered and teaming with taittinger hops home grown on the brewery!
Next up was the powerfully aromatic 'Temptation'. This strong, golden Belgian style ale featured an enchantingly 'perfume like' nose. Filling the room with the elegance and poise of a high end French call girl, we were positively hooked.
The third beer in show was their iconic Weizenbock. Since first tapping this beer back in '09, Red Hill's 'Weizenbock' has been highly revered by those Darlo regulars lucky enough to have tried it. Dark n' smoky, lively n' wheaty, this is one for the beer geeks!
After a few great tales, Doc's infinite beer knowledge and of course Dom's left-field trivia, the room was ready for a finisher. Enter Red Hill Imperial Stout. Richly viscous, we floated away on a magic carpet to Nirvana. Will we ever return? Maybe for next months special Craft Beer Week addition of Ale Stars.
Check website for details.
Thanks Karen, thanks Dave and thank you for bugging your local bottlo to grab some Red Hill

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