Monday, October 22, 2012

We won!! We're the best pub in Sydney!

Ossy and I attended the Time Out Sydney Bar Awards yesterday at Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour. It was a fantastic day made all the better by the fact that we won! We were humbled to have been chosen out of some pretty special Sydney pubs including The Four In Hand, The Old Fitzroy (who we spent much of the day hanging out with), The Forresters and the Hero of Waterloo.

It's superb timing since it's the start of Sydney Craft Beer Week and the award shows that a craft beer venue can mix it with the best. A huge thank you to Leroy, David Thackray, Dom, Ossy, Scotty,  Rols, Fury, Clive, Simon and the rest of the fantastic team who have all made this happen!

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