Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Darlinghurst and St. Kilda Ale Stars have a visit from 4 Pines

It's almost a whole year since the last 4 Pines Ale Stars, but after such a fantastic 12 months, how could we refuse the chance to get them back?!

St. Kilda
Ale Stars 
Tuesday, 19th February, 7pm

Ale Stars
Wednesday, 20th February, 7pm

Both St. Kilda and Darlinghurst will have a special visit from 4 Pines Chief Brewer Chris Willcock and Darlinghurst will possibly be able to meet Chris' partner in crime, head brewer Andrew Tweddell (TBC - the guys are flat out but we're hoping to have both on the night).

We'll be sampling their award winning Stout along with three of their Single Hop reserve beers. We'll also hear how these marvelous creations came about and more about the story of 4 Pines. There will be time for Q & A plus the usual challenging trivia and a delicious dinner. 

Tickets are only $40 to join like minded people and have a great night.

Click here for tickets to Darlinghurst
Click here for tickets to St. Kilda 

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