Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Ale Stars road trip is almost ready to depart from Darlinghurst.

Well the time is almost upon us, the time to take a trip down to the Hunter Valley Beer Co. and create a delicious Shiraz Baltic Porter. 

Members of our monthly beer appreciation society, Ale Stars, and friends are taking to the road this Saturday after months of hot debate and anticipation. At the December Ale Stars event, we finally decided on what style to go for and by more than majority share, we voted on a Shiraz Baltic Porter.

 So, headed by our very own Ale Star Tsar & founder of 'Doctors Orders Brewing'  Darren 'Doc' Robinson, brewing will begin this Saturday. 

Playing host to this event will be the infamous Keith Grice from the Hunter Valley Beer Co. Keith has organised a delicious lunch and a tasting of 10 of his beers. 

This is a 'one off' event and not one to be missed. Whether you are an Ale Star, were an Ale Star, or just love beer and are interested in the creation process, this is the road trip you need to be on. 

The bus will be leaving the Local Taphouse (Darlinghurst) this Saturday 9th February on the South Dowling side of the building at 9:30am. The bus will return to Darlinghurst at roughly 6:30pm. 

There are only a few tickets left so please make sure you book sooner rather than later by following this link.   Tickets are $75 each. 

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  1. any chance of updating your "on tap beer" list. 6 beers is less than my local