Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Darlinghurst do a Masterclass in Cider

A few Wednesdays back, Darlinghurst invite James Kendell (from Small Acres Cyder) and Neill Cameron (from the Australian Brewery) to host a Cider Masterclass. It was super interesting getting the inside scoop on Australia's fastest growing alcoholic drink from two of the leading names in the business. 
We started off with a bit of a world tour of cider styles, starting in the historic home of the fermented apple drink, England. We had two English styles, the Westons Old Rosie Scrumpy and the Henneys 2010 Still cider. Some really interesting (and pretty funky) flavours in those ones.
We then took the Eurostar across the channel to sample some French apple cider and perry (or 'Poire', the french name for what we call Pear Cider). These had huge flavours that were a lot different from what we know as cider here in Australia. 
We then travelled back to Australia, and had a range of Aussie ciders, ranging from traditionally made still cider, oak-aged cider, commercial sweet cider and some craft-made cider. It was truly eye-opening to see just how much variation there was in such a relatively young market.  
Big thanks to Neill and James for sharing their knowledge and insight with us, and for hosting such an interesting night full of delicious apple goodness, it will certainly not be the last event like this so stay tuned. 

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