Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stu 'Mario Bros' Mckinlay Skypes the Darlo Ale Stars

This month’s highly anticipated Ale Stars session, featuring Stu McKinlay from New Zealands own Yeastie Boys, was an epic night of colourful pants, questionable comedy, awesome conversation and extremely tasty beers. Our skype conversation with Stu was informative, fun and extremely engaging. Despite some of us being a little dusty from Good Beer Week and GABS the week before in Melbourne, everyone had a great time.

Our first beer of the night was the Golden Age of Bloodshed, the ‘Heavily Beeted’ Belgian Ale that Yeastie Boys brewed for the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular the week before. Pouring a bright pink colour, with an earthy sweetness from the added beetroot, Golden Age of Bloodshed was an absolute winner, and a great one to start the night with.

Following that one was one of our staff favourites, Gunnamatta, the Earl Grey IPA brewed for last year’s GABS festival, and winner of the people’s choice award there. With a gorgeous fruity early grey character up front, this was just as good as everyone fondly remembered it from last year.
Our third beer of the night was the first beer brewed by Yeastie Boys, the Pot Kettle Black. Dark and hoppy were the two main descriptors that people tasted, which is a great way to sum up the beer. Stu told us that when he originally brewed it, the term Black IPA wasn’t really a thing, but now it’s stuck, for better or worse.

To finish this awesome night off, we turned to His Majesty, a limited release Belgian Barleywine that was beautifully rich, sweet, strong and hoppy. A perfect beer to finish the night on, while we spoke to Stu about the really important things, such as how to best match coloured pants to beer, and what does he consider the highlight of his coloured pants collection. 

Big thanks to Stu and to everyone that came and made it an awesome night. We hope to see you all next month, for our Smoked Beer session with Schlenkerla.

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