Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exclusive - Bright Brewery's Fruit Lambic coming on tap

As per my previous post on fruit & nut beers, I've managed to secure a couple of kegs of Bright Brewery's Fruit Lambic. We'll be the only place outside of Bright Brewery with this interesting beer on tap.

Many are inspired by Belgian fruit lambic beers but Bright Brewery's recent release is probably closest in spirit to such beers, but without any of the "horsey" brettanomyces twang often found in Belgian lambics.

"I brewed our Fruit Lambic using a yeast-bacteria combination," Bright's head brewer David Cocks says. "The trick with this brew was to make sure that the classic lambic characteristics are apparent, but not over the top."

Bright Fruit Lambic could almost be classified as a "slow beer" or, at least, one with low beer miles as it is made with raspberries from Bright Berry Farm, hops from the Ovens Valley and triticale wheat from Porepunkah.

I'll probably tap it late next week or early the following week but sign up for the SMS Beer Bulletins to hear exactly when it happens.

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