Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Murray's Brewing Guru at Darlo Ale Stars next Tuesday could have record attendance

A reminder that this Tuesday in Darlingurst will see Murray's Brewing Co's head brewer, Shawn Sherlock, as special guest talking about Murray's and their beers. He will bring along their new seasonal, Heart of Darkness, as a special treat.

There's already a heap of interest in this night and the great line up of beers - it's looking like it'll be a record night!! All are welcome to join this beer appreciation session and non-members can come along for $30 which includes sample of all 4 beers plus the yummy food. So be sure to book here.

The beer line up is:

Sassy Blonder (Belgian Blonde)
Grand Cru (Belgian Trippel and Golden Strong Ale hybrid)
Icon 2IPA (Double IPA)
Heart of Darkness (Belgian Imperial Stout)

This should get you in the mood:

Murray’s Heart of Darkness ‘Belgio’ Imperial Stout is a mix of styles and according to Head Brewer, Shawn Sherlock, “one of a kind”.

“This is a big, beautiful beer. A big, dark, beautiful beer. A big, dark, Belgian inspired beautiful beer. And at 9.6% abv it’s made for sipping - perfect for the darkest of winter nights.”

Shawn describes Heart of Darkness as an Imperial Stout in basic style but with a stronger accent on the chocolate malt over the roast barley, some rummy, portiness from the dark brown sugar, and underpinning it all, some classic Belgian esters and very light phenolics from the yeast. The beer pours very dark brown/black in colour with dark ruby highlights when held up to the light.


  1. Guy, Derek, Paul, Jordan, Sam, Gareth, thanks for a great night! Shawn's career highlights to date were superb.


  2. Awesome night put on by the Local and Murrays! Thanks for the Heart of Darkness and the Icon, both fantastic session beers. Great to hear about a micro and the success they've had, and great to see so many in attendance.


  3. Was Heart of Darkness only available on the AleStars night or is it coming on tap later in the month for Stout Season?

  4. Hey Derek,

    It's coming on tap anyday. Keep an eye on the lists in the left margin on the blog or via Twitter!