Wednesday, September 1, 2010

St Kilda Ale Star Road Trip Sold Out Early!!

3 full busses and we're sold out! The Ale Stars Road Trip 2010 is locked and loaded. Those that have booked, stay tuned for an email early next week with all the details of times etc.

Your friendly drivers for the weekend will be Guy, Justin and the Professor. We look forward to it. I expect to see all of you on the dancefloor with hands in the air...waving like you just don't care.

Actually I am not sure if there is a dancefloor, but if there is...see aforementioned hand waving activity as your duty.

1 comment:

  1. Needless to say, with this crew, the Dance Floor will be wherever we find it. But keeping with the pop theme-theme; "Oooooooooh, What a feelin' (YEAH!!) we're dancin' on the ceilin'"

    And for those assigned to my bus ... remember, I'm the most experienced Dad of the three and if there is any muckin' I'll do the whole "Cut that out right now or I swear I'll turn this bus around RIGHT NOW!! Don't make me prove I mean it!!"