Friday, October 22, 2010

Shawn of the Ale Stars

Shawn Sherlock was the special guest at Tuesday's Ale Star beer appreciation session in St Kilda and what a reception he got. I've often dreamt of a time when great Australian craft brewers would get the rock star treatment they sometimes deserve (as they often do in America) and it's a delight to say that, if Tuesday night is any indication, this is starting to happen. In the not-so-distant future, I see an exciting time when these events will have a Sold Out sign hung out weeks in advance.

Shawn has been a guest at two Ale Star session at the Darlo Taphouse before but never in St Kilda so I was thrilled when he and Murray agreed to come down to Melbourne (Murray was sadly unable to attend after last minute brewery issues)..

There was a great crowd in to hear Shawn talk of his own brewing history and that of Murray's Brewing Co, now located in Port Stephens, NSW. Murray's under Sean's brewership has indisputably become a leading light in the Australian craft beer scene and continually produces excellent beers that the brewers want to drink along with a growing legion of craft beer fans around the country. Hell, fans might even line up around the block to touch their idol ;-)

The beers we tried on Tuesday were Punch & Judy, Angry Man, Grand Cru, Icon and Spartacus.. all terrific and flavoursome brews. Shawn was an informative, interesting and engaging guest confident behind the mic - which no doubt came from his time as a teacher!

Ange was inducted as Ale Star member #51 and beer trivia was as much fun as ever with Ale Star Tsar Shandy clearly revelling in his quiz show responsibilities. While technically, Steve & the staff team won with the perfect score, it was the guests from Temple Brewing and Beer Deluxe who got the free round of beers (as staff are ineligible to win).

The slideshow can be viewed below. Thanks to Prof (read his report in the night here) and Jimmy for these.

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  1. That first photo with Guy and the beers all lined up on the bar is gorgeous. To someone who's all about the words usually :)